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Give shout outs, post images, and project general tom foolery from Slack to your office TVs.

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Welcome to Props for Slack

Props helps companies break important communications through the noise. We do this by turning your office TVs into live, dynamic billboards. By connecting Slack, you can crowdsource what gets displayed. Just use our special “props” reaction to upvote messages. This then streams to your office TVs.

Why invest in team recognition?

Decrease your employee turnover by 13% and increase your return on equity by 3X. (More info)

“Simple, public recognition is one of the most effective and most underutilized management tools… Allowing people to reward one another facilitates a culture of recognition and service and is a way to show employees that they should be thinking like owners not serfs.” – Lazlo Bock, SVP of People at Google

How to set up:

Step 1: Create a Props team account

  1. Add Props to your Slack. (Button above)

Step 2: Follow our onboarding process.

  1. We will walk you through. It’s super easy.
  2. If you ever need to start over, go to


  • How do I get Props on our TVs?
    • As long as you can display a browser, you can show Props.
    • If you can’t currently show a browser, you will need some type of hardware. Great options are the Chromebit or Chromebox. If you are wondering could I use XYZ, probably. Can it show a browser?
  • How to display Props in a browser on a TV?
    • We recommend using our Chrome extension. This sets up just as an Apple TV or Amazon fire would. We will give you a code to enter.
  • My Chromebit/box has a “shelf” on the bottom. It isn’t full screen, how do I get it to do that?
    • If Chrome has a “shelf” on the bottom of the screen, close the Props app. Then Click the Magnify Glass in the bottom left corner. Search Props and relaunch. It should fix the problem)

If you need to refresh the TV, click the screen and hit Esc then Refresh or restart the app (you won’t have to set anything up again).

Feel free to contact Adam at [email protected]